FAQs - Secret Grip

  • What are the features of the Secret Grip?

    92 gram total weight
    17 gram cap
    40% heavier compound
    1" longer than standard grip
    Built up lower right hand
    Grip Down indexing marks
  • What is back weighting?

    Back weighting is simply adding weight to the back, or grip end, of your golf club. Back-weighting has many benefits, most important of which is tighter dispersion and increased ball speed.
  • What does a Secret Grip do to the swing weight of my golf club?

    Having more weight at the grip end of a golf club lightens the swing weight allowing the golfer to generate more speed during the golf swing, but it doesn’t change the way the golf clubs feels.
  • How does a higher balance point help me?

    Balance point is important because its location influences how a golfer swings the golf club. This can be felt in the full swing in several areas. The first place you will notice the effect is on the backswing, the added weight helps the hands to set the club properly. Most important, the added weight in the back of the golf club allows you to have a better angle of retention on the down swing allowing for a smoother transition into your downswing.
  • Will it change the feel of the golf club?

    Each golfer may have a different answer for this. We would encourage you to try it and decide for yourself.
  • Are custom lengths, lofts, and lie angles available?

    Yes the Control Series is available in custom lengths and loft and lie adjustments of +/- 2 degrees. All alterations are done by Boccieri Golf experts in our assembly factory in Ohio.
  • Are there different sizes and weights?

    We currently offer the 92-gram option, which provides the elasticity to build-up or stretch the grip just like any other rubber grip. Plus, in consumer testing with more than 3,000 golfers, 97% preferred the Secret Grip over a conventional grip.
  • Is all of the extra weight from the tungsten cap?

    The tungsten cap adds 17 grams of weight, but the grip uses a patented rubber compound that is 40% heavier than a regular grip.
  • Are there different colors?

    The only color available for the Secret Grip launch is black. However, we do anticipate expanding the colors to meet market demands in the future.
  • Are there different styles?

    The multi-direction grip pattern is the only option available at the current time.
  • Does it work on every club?

    Yes it does. Plus, the installation process is the same as that of a conventional grip.
  • Does it wear the same as a normal grip?

    Yes, it is just as durable as a normal weighted grip.
  • Does this conform to USGA rules?

    Yes, there are no rules defining the weight or balance point of a golf club.
  • What does the grip cost?

    The Secret Grip retails for $16.99.
  • Are there other back-weighing options out there?

    There are other ways of back-weighting golf clubs, which are double or triple the cost of the Secret Grip, not to mention they are much more difficult to install, requiring additional tools and the need to drill the end of the grip.
  • Do you have any research to back your claims?

    Over 3,000 golfers have tested the Secret Grip, with 97% preferring it to a conventional grip.

    Golf Labs conducted an independent test of the Secret Grip and found 87% of golfers, using a 6-iron, increased their ball speed, the leading factor in distance.