FAQs - Clubs

  • Where is the extra weight located in your clubs?

    The extra weight occurs in two places in all of the Control Series clubs. The first place is in the head. Here we have allocated an additional 10 grams of weight allowing us to have maximum heel toe weighting and thereby increasing the sweet spot. The second place weight has been added is underneath the grip. We have weighted the butt end with 50 grams of weight that allow.
  • Doesn't the extra weight slow your swing down?

    We now offer an entire line of golf clubs from drivers through wedges. As you would expect they all have higher balance points than conventional golf clubs (see What is the Balance Point below) resulting in more consistent sweet spot contact and better golf shots. Our driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons are all back weighted using a 50 gram weight plug and have heads that are 10 grams heavier than a conventional golf club. Our wedges are a great cure for anyone struggling with their short game. The wedges are back weighted with a 65 gram weight plug and the heads are 10 grams heavier than a conventional wedge. This gives you more weight in your hands which allows you to have better control of the club head. While our golf clubs have a heavier static weight than conventional golf clubs their swing weight is LIGHTER.
  • Will I lose distance with these clubs?

    The Control Series mantra is all about Control, Consistency and Distance. Not necessarily. Look at the data that we have gathered under the Physics Tab. Because of increased weight in your hands and improved kinetic sequencing. You will not lose club head speed but through improved body mechanics you will hit it more consistent on the face of the golf club and will improve your ball speed which is directly related to distance. Read what benefits does the weight provide to see how we do this.
  • What is the swing weight?

    While our golf clubs might be "heavier" when you hold it in your hand the swing weight is actually lighter than current offerings from the other major brands. Our irons have a swing weight of about C-0.
  • Are custom lengths, lofts, and lie angles available?

    Yes the Control Series is available in custom lengths and loft and lie adjustments of +/- 2 degrees. All alterations are done by Boccieri Golf experts in our assembly factory in Ohio.
  • How do I know what shaft is best for me?

    If you are not sure what shaft would best suit your game give us a call at 888.788.8374 / 480.361.4339 or email us at sales@heavyputter.com with your question and one of our Boccieri Golf experts will assist you.
  • Is anybody playing these on tour?

    We have several Mini Tour players using the Control Series line as well as some big name players using the Heavy Putter.
  • Can I order these with my choice of shaft?

    Yes, we offer Dynamic Gold R300 and S300 as well as GS 95 R300 and S300. If you prefer the feel of graphite we offer the Aldila NV shaft in A,R, and S flexes.
  • If I order these irons, how will my other clubs feel in comparison?

    You will notice that you have more control over the club head with these golf clubs but it shouldn't negatively affect your timing with your other golf clubs.
  • Do these clubs conform to USGA rules?

    Yes the Control Series clubs conform to the current USGA rules. If you are looking to get an advantage we still sell our original wedges that have the non-conforming grooves.
  • Will the clubs be affected if I change the grips?

    Because the weight is inside the shaft changing grips will not alter the performance of the golf clubs.
  • How does the higher balance point create an advantage for me?

    Balance point is important because its location influences how a golfer swings the golf club. This can be felt in the full swing in several areas. The first place you will notice the effect is on the backswing how the added weight helps the hands to set the club properly. You will also notice a smoother transition into your downswing. Most importantly the added weight in the back of the golf club will allow you to have a better angle of retention on the down swing instead of casting the club from the top.
  • If I like these, won't I have to buy the whole set so all my clubs match?

    The short answer is no you won't have to, but after hitting the Control Series golf clubs you will probably want to play the entire set!