• Black - Quarter View
  • Black - Close Up 1
  • Black - Close Up 2
  • Black - Close Up 3
  • Grip
  • Black - Quarter View
  • Black - Close Up 1
  • Black - Close Up 2
  • Black - Close Up 3
  • Grip

Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Black PVD
  • Stock lengths 32" - 36" (custom lengths available 30" - 38")
  • Dexterity: Right and Left Hand Available
  • Head Weight = +/- 375 grams
  • Back Weighting System (weight in grip end of shaft) = 65 grams
  • Proprietary Steel Shaft
  • Custom Winn Mid-Size Grip
  • Custom Head Cover included
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Loft = 3° (custom loft adjustments +/- 2 degrees)
  • Lie Angle = 70° (custom lie adjustments +/- 2 degrees)
  • Custom Mid Length Putters available


  • Blade Head Design
  • Center Shaft
  • Zero Shaft Offset
  • 3° Loft | 70° Lie

Need an Extended Length Putter?

  1. The Extended Length (EL) Putter is designed to extend 3” past your hands.
  2. Stand in putter posture with your current putter. If your hands are positioned at the top of the grip, add 3 inches to the current length to determine your EL length. If you choke down on your putter and the grip extends 1 inch, add two inches to current length, if it extends 2 inches, add 1 inch to the length, etc.
  3. Make sure your EL Putter length does not come in contact with your body. That contact would violate the USGA’s New Anchor Ban. (See diagram below).
Bellly Putter Fitting

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Stephen Boccieri Talks Counterbalancing

This blade design, similar to the classic bullseye, incorporates the tour proven patented weighting technology in a new LITE-WEIGHT category. The N1-L is a toe-droop blade with a center shaft orientation. Due to the design, this putter will work for both Right and Left hand golfers. The putter is constructed of Stainless Steel and has a CNC milled face and is offered in a Black PVD finish. Each LITE-WEIGHT uses a proprietary shaft with a 65 gram weight inserted in the butt end of the shaft; this creates the necessary weight to give the golfer more control of the stroke and also produces a balance point 75% higher than conventional putters that eliminates the wristy action in the stroke. Heavy Putter uses a newly developed Winn Mid-size grip with a V17 Super Soft compound with a cord base material which produces an extremely tacky but firm feel, preferred by better golfers.

The Heavy Putter N1-L is available in standard lengths from 32" - 36" (right and left hand available), and can be ordered as a custom putter in other lengths.

Custom fit your putter at our Research & Performance Center in Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ.

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