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Technical Specifications

  • 100% CNC Milled 303 Stainless Steel
  • Each putter numbered and authenticated – 500 total
  • Length to customer specification
  • Dexterity: Right hand only
  • Head Weight = +/- 465 grams
  • Weight Management System (weight in grip end of shaft) = 250grams
  • Custom True Temper “Black Gold” shaft
  • Leather Gripmaster™ Grip
  • Head Cover included with purchase
  • Lie Angle = 72° (adjustable to customer spec)
  • Loft = 3° (adjustable to customer spec)
  • Custom Mid Putters available
Boccieri Golf / Putters / C2-DF LE


  • Blade Head Design
  • Plumber's Neck Hosel
  • Full Shaft Offset
  • 3° Loft | 72° Lie

Need an Extended Length Putter?

  1. The Extended Length (EL) Putter is designed to extend 3” past your hands.
  2. Stand in putter posture with your current putter. If your hands are positioned at the top of the grip, add 3 inches to the current length to determine your EL length. If you choke down on your putter and the grip extends 1 inch, add two inches to current length, if it extends 2 inches, add 1 inch to the length, etc.
  3. Make sure your EL Putter length does not come in contact with your body. That contact would violate the USGA’s New Anchor Ban. (See diagram below).
Bellly Putter Fitting

Order Your EL Putter

Stephen Boccieri Talks Counterbalancing

The C2-DF Limited Edition is truly a collector’s piece, with a circulation of only 500. Each numbered putter in the collection is handcrafted and 100% CNC milled from a forged billet of 303 Stainless Steel. A unique PVD finish was then applied to the putter head to give it the rich black appearance. With the gold lettering and the True Temper Black Gold shaft, this putter is top of the line in every way. The putter features a Gripmaster™ leather grip imported from Australia, with the Boccieri Golf logo discreetly imprinted in gold. And of course, like every Heavy Putter, the weighting and deep face technology has been incorporated with exacting standards. Each C2 Limited Edition is built to your exact specifications, comes with a custom head cover, and a letter of authenticity signed and sealed by designer Stephen Boccieri.

The Heavy Putter C2 Limited Edition is custom built for each order (right-handed only).

Custom fit your putter at our Research & Performance Center in Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ.

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