Stephen Boccieri

CEO & President

A longtime mechanical engineer for one of the world's largest petrochemical and nuclear companies, Stephen Boccieri, turned his childhood passion and near-scratch skills playing golf into solid business. In 1994, he founded Engineered Golf, which offered R&D services to the golf industry. Steve was one of the first engineers to modernly analyze the nuances between different golf-club shafts by profiling and dynamic load testing. Then, for more than three years, he combined his scientific aptitude and spirit to innovate with golfers' biomechanics (human motion) - and the concept and patented technology behind the Heavy Putter was perfected.

The Heavy Putter came to market in January 2005 with the success of over 100 thousand putters sold and fourteen PGA wins. Stephen than launched the Heavy Wedges to maximize the golfer's short game. In 2010 the Control Series Swing clubs were launched that featured the technology of back-weighing, which improves the golfer's consistency, control and distance. Stephen mission is to make better golfers with his equipment. He is even more passionate about his mission today than eight years ago, as he continues to develop new innovate product.

Boccieri is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he received his engineering degree.