Sandra Boccieri

VP of Global Business Development

Following studies at Carnegie Mellon University as a Theatre Arts major and Broadway performances, Sandra turned her talents to the sales, education and marketing where she then enjoyed a 25-year career working in positions of ever-increasing responsibility within the parent company of Estee Lauder.

Her career in this highly competitive world began with a management position with Prescriptives, where she provided marketing expertise for the brand at national accounts including Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Competitive and analytical, Ms. Boccieri adds strong leadership and influencing abilities to her skill set and has had responsibility for sales volume in the hundred millions. She advanced to leadership positions at Estee Lauder where she was Vice President for Retail Sales Development and subsequently to Origins where she rose to the position of Vice President National Sales Manager and than on to Vice President of Global Education and Special Events.

As National Sales Manager Sandra successfully launched and executed the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins product category, utilizing her special talents in sales, marketing, education and special events. She collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr.James Nicoli to develop in-store wellness education programs.

National Ad Sales Director for VIVmag a totally digital women's luxury lifestyle magazine Sandra Boccieri utilizes her sales experience to introduce an exciting new interactive advertising media to potential clients. She is also a key member of the marketing strategy team to expand the reach of the magazine and website development.

Sandra began consulting in sales and marketing and using her vast knowledge and proved past best practices to expand distribution channels and improve market share for Heavy Putter, LLC. When the position of sales manager became available Sandra was a natural to fill the post at Boccieri Golf. Now living in Scottsdale and working with her favorite boss Stephen Boccieri she is one happy camper.